Our challenge

Our mission:

"Together with our customers, we continuously take up the challenge to add value to production and logistics so that in the long run we could both excel in what we are good at." Marc Fremouw, CEO Axell Group


Axell Group offers a wide range of services related to logistics and employment solutions. With more than 15 locations in the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine we are well situated to serve customers in need of a strong partner to support their European business. Operating over 80 years we have proven to be a reliable and successful service provider.


Our vision:

"As a specialist in the Netherlands and Poland we offer the most creative and flexible solutions to support the production and logistics of our customers by delivering both people and services." Marc Fremouw, CEO Axell Group


As a Group, located in the best strategical European area's, we are offering flexible solutions in logistics, production and delivering employment. Based on solid traditions and longterm relationships we are a valued business partner. The Netherlands has been for centuries the largest European center of sea transport and therefore we are connected to it's vast infrastructure, logistics and transport network.  Poland plays a key role in East-European road, rail and waterway transport network. It is here that the North-South and East-West route intersect.



Axell Group offers a complete spectrum of integrated services and capabilities. To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer flexible solutions, such as in-house services or value added logistic. We provide each customer what is needed for their processes:

  1. Temporary employment
  2. In-house services
  3. Warehousing
  4. Transport
  5. Value added Logistics
  6. Payrolling & accounting


Adding value together

Even though our solutions have become more comprehensive and our approach more integrated, our values remain the same. Ever since the start in 1933, our family owned business has focussed on long term relationships with both our employees and customers alike. These relationships are based on the principle that we can and should add value together. Just like our companies do in offering our solutions.


Core values

  • Human
  • Solving
  • Transparent
  • Determined
  • Entrepreneurial



Axell Group values sustainability and commits to this in both operations and development. We care about our employees as much as we do about our clients. We are environment friendly and to reduce our carbon footprint we continuously focus on fuel consumption of our fleet and the energy consumption of our facilities.






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