Axell Logistics

Axell Logistics operate in Poland and the Netherland - from bussines and logistics point of view the best strategical locations in Europe. Thanks to our long-term presence on market we have profesionall logistics engineer team, advanced warehouse spaces and  efficient transport - all supported by best in class ICT environment. Because of our know-how and flexibility we are the best choice both for single user and multiuser with various projects and business challenges.


The locations of the Logistic centers of Axell Logistics are all strategically chosen to offer optimal storage and distribution opportunities into Western, Central and Eastern Europe. In the Netherlands the two warehouses are located between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Whilst the four warehouses in Poland are located near the industrial areas of Warsaw, Poznan Łódź and Katowice.


Axell Logistics offers a warehouse capacity of more than 100,000m2, including bonded warehouses, at competitive prices. With our dedicated customer service representatives, all clients will be personally served to make sure all handling activities are fulfilled correctly and with the highest care.

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